Friday, September 25, 2015

CATWA & DS'ELLES ...........Perfect Match!!

CATWA HEAD Jessica, Gestures Triggers, When Gestures button is switched ON on the HUD thats means the head will do animations when you type shortcuts/triggers
CATWA HEAD Hairbase HUD, Shape.  Head Hud with all you need to look Fab!
CATWA Store:
The Best complement is the wonderful skins from DS'ELLES NOW for CATWA HEAD!!
you can try Demo DS'ELLES-Applier Catwa head mesh- ROMANE - NEVA the new special skin for CATWA avalible in other Tones!!  Hud include lipsticks, eyelashes, eyebrowns, Blush and you can save in the Catwa HUD.
Avalible now at DS'ELLES -New Location: